Simple 12 Volt Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

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12 Volt Battery Charger

Simple 12 volt battery charger circuit didigned by using few easily available components, and this circuit suitable for different types of batteries needs 12volt. You can use this circuit to charge 12v Lead acid battery, 12v SLA battery or 12v Gel cell battery and so on. This 2 Volt Battery Charger circuit is designed to provide charging curent upto 3 amps and this circuit don`t have reverse polarity protaction or over current protaction so kindly test this circuit before stepping into battery charging.

This simple 12 volt Battery Charger Circuit Diagram gives you a out line design for the general battery charger and you can add additional features to this circuit like reverse polarity protection by placing a diode at the output. ( Diode anode to output positive supply and diode cathode as output positive terminal ) and over current protaction setup using transistor. The following battery charger circuit just a Raw prototype to give 12volt output to battry.

Components Required 12 Volt Battery Charger

Step down transformer. 0-12V AC / 3Amps. _ Choose depends on your requirements.
4 pcs of IN5408 Diodes (D1, D2, D3, D4)
Capacitors 0.01uf , 100uf / 25V each one.
Resistor 1k 0.25W.
One pcs of LED
Simple 12 Volt Battery Charger prts list

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Construction and Working

Use required ampere step down transformer for your target battery, here we have used 0-12V AC /  3 Amps Step down and for AC to DC rectification we have made Bridge Rectifier Circuit using IN5408 Diodes which gives High efficient DC supply with high Current Rating. This Bridge Rectifier circuit will have 4 terminals, two for AC supply input noted with sign wave, And two terminals for DC output noted with Positive and negative sign.

C1 and C2 capacitors are performing as filter in this circuit then LED indicates the presence of DC power supply at the output. Connect the target Battery at the output to get charged.

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