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48mm x 88mm Passive Radiator Bass


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Product name: Speaker bass radiator

  • Product size :88mm*48mm
  • Material: Rubber edge + metal
  • Suitable: For home audio DIY
  • Function: Enhanced Bass Frequency

48mm x 88mm Passive Radiator Bass Vibration Plate for Speaker

A passive radiator speaker is designed to offer maximum sound output and performance, as well as providing the user with the best sound quality. They have a large, curved surface area, which can move a large amount of air, and are designed to be attached to the back of a speaker. The Passive Radiator Bass Vibration Plate for Speaker allows you to add vibration to your sound system without sacrificing quality. This product has a passive design, which means it requires no power to operate. A passive radiator vibration plate is a device that is used to dissipate heat generated by an audio system, especially a loudspeaker. The passive radiator vibration plate is attached to the loudspeaker, either on top or underneath the speaker. It is made up of a large metal plate with a series of small holes in it. The plate is designed so that the sound waves from the speaker are not reflected off the surface of the plate, but are absorbed by the holes in the plate. This way, the sound waves from the speaker can pass through the holes and be absorbed by the air around it.


  • Durable and also very light in weight
  • Polypropylene sheets offer the best quality sounds
  • New and advanced design

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